28″ Jumbo Colour Helium Paint Balloon without Text


28″ Jumbo Colour Helium Paint Balloon without text for any anniversary, 1st year birthday, baby shower, wedding or proposal. Create your own custom words with these balloons for instance show a message. Stand out in birthday parties, baby shower and anniversaries. In addition, these can be a statement balloon suitable for any indoor photo shoot. Make these balloons fill your venue with a dreamy atmosphere. Celebrate your event in style with these colour balloons to make for some beautiful memories  as guests capture your magical moment. They look amazing , hold them while taking photos to create Instagram worthy picture! After that please deflate them and reuse or discard accordingly. Please add each letter individually to the shopping cart. View our package themes for more ideas.

What’s included?

  • Jumbo Colour helium paint balloon with 4 tassels prematch
  • Balloon comes with helium inflation

In stock

Tip 1: Choose 2-6 colours of your choice. Keep your creations wild!
Tip 2: We will recommend minimum 3 colours
Tip 3: Pair with a dark and light colour for better contrast
Last Tip: Choose a darker text if you have a light balloon and vice versa
Balloon comes with 4 Prematch Tassel