Disposable Helium Gas Tank Helium Balloon Gas Tank Jumbo Size 50


Whether it is an anniversary, birthday, engagement, event, graduation, wedding, baby or bridal shower, we are here to help!

• Kits include vibrant, assorted-color 22.8cm (9 in) latex balloons, helium-filled tank and spool of white ribbon.
• Mix and match favorite balloon colors, shapes and styles for custom decorating option.
• Standard helium tanks fill approximately 50 x (9 in) latex balloons.
• JUMBO KIT includes 50 latex balloons in assorted colors.
• Ready to use Helium Balloon Tank.
• Do Party any time.
• Fill Helium Balloons at home.
• With Helium cylinder (with free Balloons).
• Don’t need transport Helium Balloons filled from the Shop until Home.