Dora The Explorer AirWalker Balloon (52″)


Invite Dora The Explorer Airwalker Balloon (52″) to your birthday party and get hugs and kisses from the kids! The giant size balloon is weight down with weights so that the character glides with you, giving it a lifelike appearance. Airwalker Balloon is made of durable vinyl and can be refilled with helium. Instantly stand out with Dora AirWalker at your party with the same colour matching balloon bouquets.These balloons do not contain any rubber latex, are non-allergenic and is  manufactured by USA Licensed Brand.

What’s included?

Airwalker Balloon

  • 52 inch
  • Floating Time: Min 24 hours
  • Foil or Mylar Finish
  • Self-sealing
  • Reusable
  • Life-size balloon