Magical Unicorn Foil with Marble Balloon Bouquet


Its a Girls party with a Magical Unicorn Foil with Marble Balloon Bouquet. This is an extreme sweetness balloon bouquet! Pick the bouquet of your choice uniquely match by Funlah. Great for all party themes furthermore stand out in birthday parties, pool parties and anniversaries. In addition, these can be a statement balloon suitable for a hens party celebration. Match these with assorted balloon bouquets lastly please deflate them and reuse or discard accordingly. View our package themes for more ideas.

Bouquet  :

1 x Magical Unicorn Foil Balloon  33 inch

3 X 12″ Unicorn Marble Latex Balloon

3 X 12″ White Pearl Latex Balloon

Floating Time: 16-20 hours

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