Funlah Setup Terms and Condition

Booking Terms

-Funlah Party setups time slots and balloon delivery are different schedule calendars. All slots and availability are seen online. Once slot is taken up we wont be able to slot in another booking. Please check with us if this is the case. Bookings will be confirmed upon full payment made online via credit/debit card, bank transfer, or PayNow.

-For weekend orders, it is strongly advised to book at least one month in advance. High-demand timeslots include 10:00 am – 12 pm , and 4:00 – 6:00 pm Certain setups can be done 1 day in advance prior to actual event. This will ensure ample time for both sides. 

-We have a maximum capacity of TWO setups per time slot, for a total of TEN setups per day. Once the slots are full, we will be unable to process any additional orders.


Listing Price

For set-up listings, the price stated is the NET amount charged, inclusive of delivery and set-up service charges, excluding surcharges (if applicable) and add-on gifts or additional decors.

Please read the listing details carefully for package information. Do note that some listing photos may include the client’s gift/flower bouquet/hotel decor or add-on items.


Balloon lifespan

-Balloon garlands/ floor balloons and other air-inflated balloons will look best for 3 days. Oxidisation will make balloons turn matte is a normal process.

-Helium Balloons stay floating for 8 -10 hours, prolong in air-conditioned environment.



-Set-up @ Function room / Residential address / Restaurant / Ballroom:

Ensure the place will be ready by the pre-arranged set-up timing. Please ensure that contact person will be available on the day itself, our staff might contact you if needed. Do fill in 2 contacts in event of uncontactable.

-Set-up @ Hotel Room

1. You may escort our staff to the room upon check-in.

2. Please note that most hotels check in time at 3pm even with early checkin. We will strongly suggest setup between 3-5pm. 

Please be reminded that all necessary communication will be handled by client to ensure a smooth check-in process. The client will be solely responsible if the hotel is unable to hand over the room to us on time.

* Note: In these circumstances we shall not be liable for compensation where we are forced to cancel, delay or change your setup session in any way. 

Changes in date, time, and location

We can cater to alteration of dates, location, and time subject to our availability. Please request at least a week in advance before the original date.


Refund Policy

We regret to inform you that we do not process any cash refunds for party setups, all refunds will be in form of store credits.

Store credits are for a one-time purchase, transferable and have a one-year expiration date when issued.



A FULL refund in form of store credits will be issued for a cancellation request made at least 1 week in advance.

If a cancellation request is made less than 1 week from the original event date, 50% of store credits will be refunded.

No refund will be given for cancellation on the event day.


Damaged, Missing, Stained Props (for set-up packages that include rental props)

If the rental props are damaged/lost, the client will be responsible for compensation for the full retail amount.

Please make sure that the rental props are gently cleaned before returning them. If necessary, please consult us for any enquiries on the cleaning method. A cleaning fee of $10 will be incurred for stained rental props.

*Note: Please remove any tapes used. Strictly avoid using Blutac on any cloth material.


Security Deposit (for set-up packages that include rental props)

A refundable security deposit of $100 will be required to be made on the day of the setup. It will be returned via PayNow by end of the day after tear-down or return.

Any missing or damaged items and late returns of rental props will result in a deduction of the security deposit.