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Wedding & Proposal Balloons in Singapore

When you’ve found the right one, you’d want to find the perfect time to pop the question. But other than the right time or place for proposals, you also need to create the perfect scene to show how genuine you are!

And this is where spectacular balloon bouquets or extensive packages are necessary for wedding proposals. The most beautiful balloon set-up which fills the room, will also fill their heart with much warmth. So it’s time to get creative and take your partner’s breath away with romantic balloons to express your commitment! And when you get creative in balloon decorations, you’ve won half the battle. Then, when you get down on one knee and pull out the gorgeous ring, they’ll say yes without a single hesitation.

Why Wedding Proposal Balloons Do The Magic

Balloons have been known to fill a room and create a romantic scene for wedding proposals. Especially if you’re proposing outdoors, balloons swaying in the wind can create a dreamy effect. Here at Funlah Singapore, we believe in elevating the romance and helping you secure that yes through innovating our balloon designs. From gorgeous balloons in the shape of diamond rings to a 63” heart-shaped foil balloon and rose gold balloon packages, these options are sure to make your significant other’s fantasy proposal come true!

Funlah has all you need for the most heartfelt wedding proposal decorations and ideas; you won’t need to worry about cracking your head for the most creative scene. The team is here to accompany and celebrate with you through your milestones, so drop a message if you’re looking to personalise your bouquets and packages. You can also order our signature hand-painted balloons that will add the wow effect to any event! Too busy sorting out proposal details? Opt for our island-wide (only in Singapore) and same-day delivery, so your dazzling helium balloons are well-kept in shape, perfect for the big question!