Funlah Happy Birthday Monochrome Balloon Package


Get a Happy Birthday Monochrome Balloon Package for a fun-filled birthday party, surprise party or any special occasion. Furthermore, Choose the theme in addition with your preferred color. Next, What’s better than we deliver to you and setting up is a piece of cake. Funlah’s Balloon Packages don’t include setup.  Lastly, Helium balloons and balloon garlands will be ready made upon self collection/delivered.

What’s included?

  • 16″ Happy Birthday Foil Letter Balloon (Air Filled, Hang on the wall)
  • 40″ Digit Number Foil Balloon (up to 2 digits Helium-Filled)
  • 3 x 18″ Foil Balloon 18″ (Random Star/Heart)
  • 30 x 12″ Helium Balloons  (Floating, Can be released to the ceiling)
  • Free 20 Air-Filled Balloons (Ground balloons)

Note: All balloons will be inflated upon delivery, you just need to hang the Happy Birthday Balloon Banner and place the balloon around the party area or release it to the ceiling.

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