Stegosaurus Dinosaur Junior Balloon Airfilled


Get the latest statement jumbo 54 inch Stegosaurus Dinosaur Junior Balloon Airfilled to your party! Airloonz is the new life-size standing mega balloon! Airloonz Balloon is made of durable Mylar Foil Superior quality and are extremely long lasting. Instantly stand out with this gigantic balloon at your party, paired with matching Dinosaur themed balloon bouquets for a mightily fun-filled birthday party or any special occasion.

What’s included?

  • 54 inch Width /139cm
  • Durability:  Few Days (As long as no leakage/damage)
  • Air-Filled & Self-sealing
  • Mylar Foil Superior quality; Manufactured by USA Brand Anagram
  • Reusable (if there is no damage and deflated properly)
  • Life-size balloon
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