Party Setup Ring Frame Led Light with Balloon Garland


This set includes:

  • 2m round ring frame ♥
  • 2 meter organic balloon garland (left)
  • 80cm LED light Sign ♥  OR 1 x 60cm by 60 cm round foam board with personalization
  • 1 matching single digit balloon centrepiece
  • 3 x Plints ♥
  • Delivery and installation
  • 3 weeks led time
  • Suitable for indoor or non windy sheltered area

♥ Indicated item is a rental, to be return to Funlah.

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In stock

  • *Text on round board or replace with Happy Birthday Lights

    *Party Theme

    *Party theme remarks

    Tell us a short description of the party theme

    *Latex Balloon Colours

    For helium and balloon garland. Best is 3 colours, max 5 colours

    There will be additional $10 for each chrome colour selected.

    *Upgrade single digit centrepiece to double digit centrepiece

    *Digital mockup of party installation

    *Teardown / Removal Service

    *Security deposit for rental items (Refundable)

    A refundable security deposit of $100 will be required to be made one day before the setup. It will be returned via PayNow by end of the day after tear-down or return. Any missing or damaged items and late returns of rental props will result in a deduction of the security deposit.

    *Take Note

    Do email us ([email protected]) a reference photo for your party theme. There will be a rush surcharge fee (Up to 50%) if your event date does not meet our minimum led time. This set up is not suitable for locations with windy areas (wide area with no backings, BBQ pit, pool area, outdoor field, etc). High resolution photo is required if there's any printing on the board to avoid blurry image.

    Please read through Set-up Booking Guide carefully for set-up procedures and booking terms before placing the order