Standard Balloon Arch Spiral Design with Signage Board


Come have fun with Funlah`s Standard Balloon Arch Spiral Design. Guaranteed to bring you excitement for your grand opening, birthday party, or special occasion. Furthermore, Inflate your party-filled enjoyment with Funlah’s collection of fun-filled balloons just for you!

What’s included?

  • Choose the length of your balloon arc and balloon colours
  • Installation can be done 1 day prior to event date, do select the setup date during checkout.
  • Early installation will be subject to availability, additional cost applies.
  • Balloon are air-filled
  • Balloon arc comes with balloon weight on both ends
  • Balloons are placed in plastic wrap upon delivery to avoid tangling
  • * Please note that colour might be slightly different due to monitor setting
  • Duration: 36 hours or more. It may vary according to the conditions and use
  • Balloons will oxidize at a faster rate outdoors
  • Teardown of the balloon arch is not included, client can keep the balloons and frame.

What’s the size of the round-colored balloons?
8- inch balloon

What colors do you have for the spiral balloon arch?
We have a variety of colours for you to choose from! Solid / Pearl Colours.

Solid colours: Matte with a rich and more defined finish

Pearl Colours: Shiny with a translucent finish

For any other add ons contact us.

What’s the height and width of the balloon arch?
2.5M Width X 2M Height (Recommend for door entrance)

Important notes

Client is responsible to request all permits for the setup location if required.

Client is to ensure the the balloon arch is in good and safe condition after Funlah team completed the setup of the balloon arch.

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