Halloween Special Spiral Balloon Arch With Halloween Signboard


Come have fun with Funlah`s Standard Balloon Arch Spiral Design. Guaranteed to bring you excitement for your grand opening, birthday party, or special occasion. Furthermore, Inflate your party-filled enjoyment with Funlah’s collection of fun-filled balloons just for you! For additional letters or foil embellishments on balloon arch please contact us.

What’s included?

  • Choose the length of your balloon arc and balloon colours
  • Installation will be done 1 day prior to event date, do select the setup date during checkout.
  • Early installation will be subject to availability, additional cost applies.
  • Balloon are air-filled
  • Balloon arc comes with balloon weight on both ends
  • Balloons are placed in plastic wrap upon delivery to avoid tangling
  • * Please note that colour might be slightly different due to monitor setting
  • Duration: 36 hours or more. It may vary according to the conditions and use
  • Balloons will oxidize at a faster rate outdoors

What’s the size of the round-colored balloons?
8-9 inch balloon

18-24 inch balloon

What colors do you have for the spiral balloon arch?
We have a variety of colours for you to choose from! Solid / Pearl Colours.

Solid colours: Matte with a rich and more defined finish

Pearl Colours: Shiny with a translucent finish

For any other add ons contact us.

What’s the height and width of the balloon arch?
2.5M Width X 2M Height (Recommend for door entrance)

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Choose up to maximum 4 colours (Colour chart in gallery)

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