3 Ways To Host A Fun-filled Virtual Birthday Celebration

3 Ways To Host A Fun-filled Virtual Birthday Celebration
A party is never complete without decorations and even more so during birthdays, where the host’s creativity is often the core of the party. During the celebration of new life, a birthday should be festive, upbeat and vibrant. Since the pandemic, however, it has been challenging to orchestrate a huge birthday bash as we navigate the strict restrictions on social gatherings here in Singapore. However, there’s nothing wrong with throwing a virtual birthday party and staying connected with your friends, relatives and loved ones through your screens! With the rise of video conferencing platforms such as Zoom and Skype, many people have resorted to hosting online celebrations for various milestones in life. That said, birthday parties should be no exception. Here are some of the essentials to host a fun-filled virtual gathering.

Virtual Games

Birthday parties are nothing without fun games. Although face-to-face games remain on hold for now, you shouldn’t lose out on enjoyment. Some games are just as interactive online as they are face to face — Pictionary or charades are the best choices for this! Virtual games are also a meaningful way to remain connected, as participants will have no excuse to turn off their cameras to keep the game going.


Get a hold of fancy and vibrant decorations to alleviate cabin fever. To involve your guests in the excitement of decorating a true-blue party venue, order and mail party decorations and or crafts to attendees ahead of them. Opt for a standardised theme to reaffirm the feeling of togetherness and make for a beautiful backdrop in the comfort of everyone’s own home! Create a fun surprise for your attendees by delivering exclusively customised balloons for birthday celebrations. Balloons, tassels, and buntings are readily available online — so splurge on party favours as much as you’d like.

Special Performances

What’s a celebration without a special event that could potentially move attendees to tears or tickle their sides with laughter? Conduct a virtual sing-along session and fill your attendees with laughter as they watch each other belt out some of your favourite songs. While there’s no promise that all performances are worthy of a recording contract, you’ll undoubtedly have the entertainment aspect down and settled. Another magic about virtual calls is not everything has to be live — you can have a special video montage or slideshow produced and recorded in your free time to show at the party. Whether it’s a touching video montage dedicated to the main character of the party, a song dedication or a vlog that highlights the pre-celebration prep, this will give everyone in the room time to sit back, relax and bask in the joy of staying connected in unprecedented times.


Who said virtual birthday parties cannot be just as fun? Whether you are an adult that wants to surprise a friend, a parent who wishes to brighten up their child’s special day, make sure to invest in fun-filled party supplies. You only live once, and nothing is stopping you from mimicking that hustle and bustle of a physical party once more!