4 Fancy Balloon Decorations For Your Ultimate Birthday Bash

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Birthday parties are thrown to celebrate your loved ones – a time for you to shower them with your love through exceptional surprises and décor! Out of which, one of the most indispensable items to get when it comes to party needs are balloons. Throughout time, balloons have been timeless pieces that are sure to bring your festivities up a notch. Their bright and bubby colours easily create a celebratory atmosphere that is irreplaceable by other decorative items. To help plan your next celebration, here are our favourite types of birthday balloons to look out for as you plan your upcoming celebrations.

Latex balloons

Many party lists start with the classic latex balloons – you wouldn’t have missed it at most of your parties! For latex balloons, one of the popular designs would probably be the delicate tear-drop shaped balloons. Depending on how you envision your birthday bash, latex balloons are versatile and can be filled with either air or helium. As a stand-alone centrepiece or a combination with other balloon types or arrangements, take your pick! In fact, latex balloons can also be considered a more eco-friendly option over foil balloons (especially if the balloon is made from natural latex). If you’re looking to go green, this is one type of balloon decoration you can’t miss on!

Foil balloons

Another type of party balloon to check out has to be foil balloons – foil balloons are known for their shiny finish and artful designs. These shiny surfaces make it most suitable to print and customise an array of designs. So when it comes to foil balloons, other than pairing them perfectly to your party theme or colour scheme, let your creativity run wild! You could even choose to fill the foil balloons with helium. Because they float higher than air-filled balloons, helium balloons elevate any of your backdrops with a more playful appearance. It’s time to find a blank wall in your party venue and turn it into a gram-worthy space with helium-filled foil balloons.

Letter balloons

Although letter balloons are typically made of foil material, these decorative balloons are worth mentioning with their growing popularity! Whether you wish to spell out a ‘happy birthday’ wish or the name of the birthday boy or girl, there’s just so much to get creative and tailor the balloons to that special someone. These letter balloons are also a simple yet meaningful way to deliver your thoughts, especially with their shiny gloss finish to let them stand out in the room. Taped to a wall or left floating around, these brilliant decorations add the finishing touches to the party. Letter balloons are truly versatile, suitable for all ages and a go-to choice when you’re caught between what décor to gift!

Balloon bouquets

Finally, if you’re looking for something that captures the attention of your guests in an instant, why not get a balloon bouquet? Simply put, this bouquet is an artful arrangement of different balloons to create a centrepiece bouquet that speaks volumes of your intentions. Balloon bouquets are an excellent choice if you wish to mix different balloon designs and shapes to offer more visual interest. They’re also great photo props to have and go incredibly well at your dessert table. You wouldn’t need to break a sweat over your party décor – one or two bouquets can be enough to fill up your balloon needs unless the event calls for more.


For every party celebration, you can always count on balloons as fun and fancy décor pieces! With so many balloons you can use to brighten up your birthday celebrations, take your pick and craft your ultimate birthday bash in no time. Finding yourself lost amongst all the party planning? Fret not as Funlah has your balloon needs covered! Whether you need helium balloons to line your ceiling or an extravagant balloon bouquet, you’ll be spoilt for choice with our diverse offerings.