6 Meaningful Occasions Where Balloons Are A Must-Have

Balloons have been timeless party essentials – and all with good reason! Because balloons have been associated with celebration, fun and party, they easily make any event come alive. Especially for the crucial milestones in your life, you deserve to soak in a party with these gorgeous party essentials. Here are the top five occasions where balloons are a must-have at your party.

1. Birthday party

Whether you’re turning sixteenth or sixty, a birthday marks another year of accomplishments for you, no matter how old you are. So go big with a celebration you deserve! The best part about balloons is that there’s a wide range to suit any party theme. Whether you’re going for a monochrome or an animal theme, there are always birthday party balloons that will set the mood of your party right.

2. Wedding proposal

As you get down on one knee to pop the question, you’d want to make sure you’ve first set the scene right. And what better way to do that than with the most stunning balloon bouquets or packages. Balloons are the perfect decoration to fill the room and turn it into a dreamy proposal scene – perfect for you to secure your yes!

3. Graduation

After years of hard work, graduation ceremonies are more than receiving that paper certificate. It’s about celebrating with those who have journeyed with you through difficult times. So if you’re attending a loved one’s graduation ceremony, bring along a balloon bouquet to congratulate them. With the variety of graduation balloons, from trophy-shaped to the classic letter balloon that spells ‘congrats’, these balloons are sure to bring a smile to your loved one’s face.

4. Baby shower

Any baby shower is not complete without the most adorable balloons floating around the room. Your little prince or princess deserves to have a big welcome – treat him to a variety of the cutest character designed balloons. With innovative balloons coming in all shapes and sizes, your little one is sure to squeal in excitement.

5. Anniversary

Anniversaries are milestones in your marriage and are just as important of a yearly affair as birthdays! And if you’re tied up with work or other commitments, this is where balloons for wedding anniversaries come in handy. With minimal effort for set up, you can concentrate on celebrating with your significant other.

6. Valentine’s day

On this special day, you’d want to show extra affection to your loved ones. And what better way to do that than to send over the most beautiful balloon bouquets? From ‘I love you’ letter foil balloons to heart-shaped balloons, there are so many ways for your balloons to make your loved ones feel special.


Balloons spice up any occasion and when you’re celebrating these important milestones, tap on the most stunning balloons to maximise the party fun! With stylish helium balloons for every party occasion, Funlah is your one-stop to set the perfect balloon party for you. And if you’re looking to add a personal touch to your party decorations, drop our team a message and we’ll get to customising your dream balloons!  

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