Proposals: Why Balloons Are Perfect To Profess Your Love

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When it’s time to pop the big question, you’d want to set the perfect scene for her to say a big yes! Whether it’s at her favourite restaurant or simply in the comforts of her home, having stunning balloon decorations are a sure hit. Here’s why balloons will be your top decoration choice when professing your love for your significant other.

1. Double up as balloon bouquet

Instead of your average bouquet of flowers, why not switch it up with a stunning bouquet of balloons? Not only will the balloon bouquet be creative, but it’s also a gift that would not wilt easily – allowing your significant other to fall in love with them over again.

Set your proposal apart: you can even customise this bouquet by inserting a heartfelt message of ‘I love you’ or ‘will you marry me’. Your significant other will know you’ve put much thought into her gift.

2. Bold expressions of love

When picking the most stunning balloons, you can either choose balloons in the classic colour of romance (red) or from a variety of equally bold colours. And if you can’t decide on one, request for a balloon bouquet that has a mixture of your partner’s favourite colours!

But balloons don’t just come in vibrant colours, their designs are also bold displays of affection. From twenty-seven-inch balloons in the shape of a ring, to forty-eight-inch balloons in the form of a teddy bear, your wedding proposal balloons are sure to wow your significant other.   

3. Set the mood for your proposal

There’s something special about balloons, they can turn any scene into a romantic one. When your significant other steps into the room, your gorgeous balloon bouquets and decorations are sure to sweep her off her feet.

So to create your dreamy proposal scene, look no further and go big on your balloon decorations! Mix and match a variety of heart-shaped balloons into a bouquet, or choose a more extensive balloon package – these gorgeous decorations will blow your significant other away.

4. Quality decorations to match your intentions

Finally, you wouldn’t want your significant other to enter the room, only to be met by deflated balloons. For this, you’ll need long-lasting balloons to do the trick! Choose from a variety of high-quality helium balloons in Singapore that will prolong their dreamy effect.

If you want your balloons to stay in the best shape, you can also opt for same-day balloon delivery services! Be assured that your dazzling balloons will be kept magical for the moment you get down on one knee.


With the perfect balloons for your wedding proposal, half the battle is won. So if you’re ready to pop the question, it’s time to look for the ideal balloon bouquet or package that you know will make her heart melt.

At Funlah, our balloon obsessed team is here to journey with you in finding stylish yet meaningful balloon decorations. With island-wide and same-day delivery, you won’t need to worry about getting your balloon gifts in time for the big proposal day.