Top Ways Balloons Can Be A Game-Changer In Kids Activities

Enter a room full of balloons: it won’t be long before you catch your child giggling and squealing in delight!

Everyone loves balloons, but children in particular, get extremely thrilled at the sight of them. Perhaps your child could be fascinated at the brilliant designs printed on the balloons or simply by the bright colours that catch his eye so easily. With that, it’s undeniable that balloons are indispensable in children’s activities.  

But apart from the huge bundles of joy that balloons bring, there are also plenty of other benefits that come with balloon play. For instance, balloons can play a part in your child’s developmental abilities. With every light throw of a balloon, it’s also a simple way of letting children practise their motor skills while having fun at the same time! 

All for the balloon play but not sure how to incorporate them? Here are some quick ways to get your child busy playing and learning with balloons!

Balloon play dates for your younger ones 

The magical thing about balloons, especially helium balloons, is that they can be large but extremely lightweight. So they are the perfect toy for the infants or toddlers you have at home – balloons require little energy for them to carry. 

The next time you’re hosting a play date for your child and his friends, perhaps grab a couple of balloons and paper plates. Inflate the balloons for the children and you’re now ready to volley a game of balloon tennis! But to be safe, ensure your child doesn’t bite on balloon pieces that pop, as they could get overly excited. 

Balloons to spice up your child’s parties

With the extensive range of shapes, sizes and designs, balloons never fall short as decorations for children parties! Birthday party balloons instantly lift the mood of a room and are a must-have at your child’s special celebration

For that personal touch, you can even opt for customisation: have your child’s name written and print his favourite superhero or cartoon character. Your innovative design is sure to excite your child and know how special he means to you! 

Balloon games to speed up your child’s hand-eye coordination

As light and fragile as they might seem, these balloon traits actually give children the chance to hone their hand-eye coordination skills! Even though your young ones might take some time to react, balloons typically bounce and fall to the ground slowly – so it’s easier for children to locate and catch them with their hands, no matter which direction the balloon is headed.

Whether it’s during a birthday party or when you’re spending quality time with your children at home, consider making a mini competition of balloon juggling, balloon toss and even a balloon tennis game! These activities are sure to boost their hand-eye coordination.


There are endless benefits that come with the use of balloons. As much as balloons excite your child, he is also kept engaged and ready to learn from balloon play! But before you start introducing these ideas, remember that it’s crucial to keep an eye on your child’s safety. To be sure, always remove balloon pieces that are left behind to avoid your child from biting on them.

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