5 Ways Balloons Can Maximise The Fun At Your Wedding

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Stylish, affordable and easily customisable – balloons have been a popular wedding decor choice over the years!

Especially with the rise of modern weddings in Singapore, many couples are spending more time balloon hunting, incorporating stunning balloon decorations into their wedding celebrations. And with the large variety of balloon bouquets and packages, there’s more reason to let the balloons do the talking. So check out these unique ways for balloons to inject glamour and fun, creating the perfect backdrop for your big day.

1. Balloon installations for the big welcome

Switch things up at your wedding: let large balloon installations match your wish for a warm welcome! Install a brilliant balloon arch at the entrance of your ballroom. From the moment your guests take a step into the venue, they are sure to be welcomed by your vibrant decorations. If you’re going for a light-hearted theme, perhaps go with a rainbow installation. But if you have a more elegant theme in mind, seek out a monochrome balloon structure instead.

And as you’re looking to create the most stunning installations, one key tip in making your balloon installation stand out is to vary the sizes of the balloons – this is sure to add that whimsical effect to your celebration.

2. A balloon getaway for your entrance

Making an entrance isn’t easy, so why not get some help from your balloon decorations? The most spectacular balloons are sure to make that big entrance you were hoping for. Especially when hosting an outdoor wedding, consider attaching a train of lovely balloons to the back of that vintage car you’re planning to arrive in. Play with different shades of red for your balloons to create an air of romance.

And to allow your balloon decorations to stay afloat even after the reception, consider going for long-lasting helium balloons. These high-quality balloons will stay afloat and whisk you away for that impactful exit!

3. Fill the space with meaningful balloons

But more than space-fillers, balloons belong to weddings because they can elevate the celebration with meaningful messages. Have a blank wall or two at your venue? Why not set up brilliant foil balloons that spell out your and your partner’s names – the main characters of the celebration.

And if you haven’t thought of ways to celebrate your guests, throw in foil balloons that spell out a simple yet heartfelt ‘thank you’. Position these balloons in your photobooth backdrop; let your loved ones know that you appreciate their presence, especially during this pandemic.

4. Decorate your reception table with a bouquet

Getting the decorations at your reception table right is crucial: this is the go-to place for your guests to pen their well-wishes and drop wedding gifts. Most couples add a bouquet of flowers here but, who says your bouquet needs to be filled with flowers?

Spice things up over at your reception table with a stylish balloon bouquet! Craft creative bouquets with balloons in the shape of hearts, wine bottles or even a wedding cake – you won’t run out of ideas on how to elevate your reception table.

5. Customise the balloons to your theme

But ultimately, if you can’t seem to find that perfect balloon bouquet for your wedding, opt for customisable balloons instead! Whether it’s to inject your personality or mix and match different designs you’ve been eyeing on, it’s time to bring your balloon ideas to life.

To enhance your wedding theme, let your balloon decorations complement the colours of your floral centrepiece. But not just that, with chromes, pastels, and even confetti, the freedom to craft your own balloon decorations are sure to lift any wedding theme you have planned.


Getting your wedding decorations right can be pretty tricky. So if you’re finding it difficult to strike a balance between style and thoughtfulness for your decorations, here at Funlah, we say it’s time to tap on stunning balloons and say goodbye to these worries!

With an array of colours, sizes and designs (including that balloon idea you have in mind), our balloon-obsessed team is here to perfect your wedding decorations. Don’t forget to check out our signature hand-painted balloons that are sure to leave a mark on your wedding!