How To Spice Up Your Intimate Party With Helium Balloons

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Almost anyone will agree that a party feels incomplete without a couple of bright balloons to spice up the decorations. Especially for intimate events, you’d want to fill the room with the most brilliant décor to turn up both the fun and intentionality! However, simply tying them up here and there will hardly be enough to make the most out of their decorative capabilities.When it comes to balloons, creativity is the name of the game due to the number of options you can get them in size, colour, and of course, shape! Thus, there are endless ways to fashion them into party elements that will enhance your event’s atmosphere tenfold. If you need some ideas to plan your next intimate party, here are three excellent ways that you can decorate your party with balloons.

Mesmerising balloon canopy

Do you think captivating your guests with balloons is a challenging feat? Then think again! By filling your venue’s ceiling with a simple yet mesmerising balloon canopy installation, you can enhance your party’s atmosphere and make it seem ethereal. Add on a touch of effective lighting – you and your guests are sure to feel out of this world.When making this party decor, try mixing balloons of different sizes as well as colours if you’re aiming for a vibrantly bedazzling balloon canopy. Additionally, if the venue doesn’t get much natural light from the outside, make the most of the overhead lighting to achieve the desired effect.

Have them serve as a unique wall backdrop

Similar to the effect of a balloon canopy, balloons can also serve to spice up other empty areas in your venue, turning them into great photobooth zones. Cover these blank walls up with decoration balloons that double up as luxurious backdrops! Whether you follow the event’s colour scheme for cohesiveness or mix and match both colours and size to create something a more whimsical effect, you can never go wrong when it comes to balloon backdrops.

Make a dazzling balloon arch

If you’re ever in need of a centrepiece for your party, an attractive balloon arch can serve as a wonderful option to highlight key areas within the venue or even add a bit of flair to its entrance and exit. Not only are these brilliant balloon arches eye-catching, but they can typically last about eight to twelve hours – long enough for your big cake-cutting moment at the end of the party!And if you’re getting helium-filled balloon arches, you won’t need to break a sweat about making an entrance. The helium is sure to create firmer balloons, one that screams fun for your guests. Be sure to include a strong anchor in the form of aluminium rods over plastic pipes to secure them well.


Thanks to their wide availability, numerous designs, and extensive range of colours to choose from, helium balloons have been fast gaining popularity as one of the most flexible and popular options for party decorations!Need some help to add spice to your intimate party? Let our Funlah team gift you the most extravagant parties, no matter the size of your guest list! As a leader in trendy and stylish decorations, we’re here to offer you the most stunning balloons in Singapore that are sure to bring out the occasion.