5 Fresh Gift Ideas To Delight Your Partner On Valentines Day

5 Fresh Gift Ideas To Delight Your Partner On Valentines Day

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching once more, couples, friends, and even family members are beginning to think up what their plans will be this year. Regardless if it’s more ambitious than last year or a bit more reserved, what matters, in the end, is that one’s feelings of love, gratitude, and affection get across to the recipient. To that end, getting something different has always been one of the priorities when choosing gifts, as it indicates someone’s effort. If you need a helping hand in searching for a thoughtful and uncommon gift that’s sure to delight your loved ones, read on for our recommendations!

1. Personalised Valentine’s Day gift box

What’s better than receiving a present on Valentine’s day? Getting a bunch of them, that’s what! Although it’s perfectly fine to opt for a more reserved and simple yet impactful gift that gets your feelings across, there’s no reason not to do the opposite and go big. Instead of settling for just a beautiful bouquet of your partner’s favourite flowers, why not complement it with other fanciful presents like personalised balloons, plushies of their favourite characters, snacks and treats, and much more? To get a head start, our wonderful selection of flower gift boxes at Funlah can serve as a good base to customise your ultimate Valentine’s Day gift package!

2. Date night bucket list

A date night bucket list is a simple yet exciting do-it-yourself (DIY) present that gives the gift of adventure – the best part is that you can easily make it with common materials around the house! This gift lets couples write down their date night bucket list ideas on popsicle sticks in a jar or other small container, making it easier to settle on a plan for romantic dates. After the experience, don’t forget to write down the date on the back of the stick as a memory keepsake.

3. Wellness package

If your loved one is meticulous with their wellness affairs and routine – like yoga, skincare, and meditation – a wellness package is certain to make for a lovely gift. Stress relief candles, essential oil diffusers, fitness journals, facial care products, and more are only some of the many items you can bundle in this gift set. Of course, you should have a clear understanding of what their habits are (be it fitness, beauty and skincare, or something else) to get the gifts that they’ll love and appreciate.

4. Anniversary pushpin world map

Significant couple milestones like anniversaries deserve a big celebration, and what better way to surprise your beloved on your anniversary or Valentine’s Day than to go on an overseas holiday? Map all your anniversary adventures around the world with a special world map using pushpins to mark destinations you’ve visited in the past and those you plan on going to next. This sentimental and artful way of celebrating your travels as a twosome is also great for reflecting on the experiences you’ve shared over the years.

5. A spa date

Giving your partner the gift of relaxation with a spa day is an excellent means of showing your love and thoughtfulness. For Valentine’s day, why not make it an experience for both of you by turning it into a spa date? Many spas now offer date night packages that take the spa treatment to the next level for couples, complete with romantic add-ons such as candles, sparkling wine, and chocolates, for starters.


Buying presents can prove rather challenging at times, especially when the gift is for someone important on a special day like Valentine’s Day. Hopefully, these few suggestions will make your search easier or give you a brilliant idea for a gift your significant other will adore.

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