A Quick Guide To The Top Decorations Every Party Must Have

A Quick Guide To The Top Decorations Every Party Must Have

Decorations are a cornerstone in setting the mood for a party or event, carrying its theme from one room to the next and making guests feel the air of fun and relaxation that awaits them. But given the many other things involved in hosting a great party, such as choosing the entertainment and securing the catering, it can often take time to figure out where to start when it’s time to put up the decorations. Whether you’re looking for birthday decorations or embellishments for any other event, there are a few key essentials that every party should have. Read on to learn some of the indispensable decorations for any party!

1. Balloons

There are so many balloon decorations for any and every occasion – after all, balloons have this magic that infuses a party atmosphere into any occasion. They are incredibly versatile decorations that can be made into a wonderful balloon arrangement, an inviting balloon arch to welcome guests, and many other fanciful designs. Available in all many colours, shapes, sizes, and materials, the possibilities are endless when decorating with balloons. These decorations are no longer limited to kids’ birthday parties, as many tend to assume, since they are now a staple in virtually all sorts of events, from weddings and baby showers to graduation parties and so much more. Thus, if you have a great idea for a decoration piece, you can almost be sure that balloons will do just the trick!

2. Table décor

The appropriate table décor varies depending on the special occasion; a party for girls, like bachelorette parties, may need something extravagant and frilly, while those for boys would be better with minimalistic designs. When considering table décor, think about how the following elements could elevate your overall decorations:

  • Vases
  • Candles
  • Confetti

A key element to focus on in your décor planning is how the cutlery pieces can play a role, such as including them in the party’s decoration theme. For centrepieces, take into account the age of your guests. If it’s a kid’s birthday party with young audiences, characters and cartoons that match the theme would be the best choice. Otherwise, something more mature should be considered.

3. Signs

Signs are another simple way of making a venue more party-ready. Balloons are the go-to choice for party signages as they can be made to represent virtually everything, from numbers and letters to symbols and so on. Regardless of which material is used, signs help to signify what the celebration is all about and significantly add to the overall cohesion of your party’s theme!

4. Crepe paper and ribbons

Crepe paper is an excellent yet inexpensive party decoration best used in less formal celebrations. Hang them from walls or ceilings and every room in the venue to help capture that playful atmosphere. Similarly, ribbons are multi-purpose decorations that can be used for anything, like tying cutlery together or adding a bit of flair to table ornaments. Play around with various materials that best fit your theme’s feel. For formal and elegant events, velour or velvet ribbons are a safe bet. In contrast, children’s parties are best paired with themed ribbons featuring beloved characters that introduce an exciting air to the venue.


No party is ever complete without the proper decorations, so keep these essentials in mind when hosting your next birthday bash or formal event! If you need high-quality supplies to make your design come to life, Funlah is always happy to help! Browse our extensive range of modern and colourful balloon bouquets and party decorations that can meet all your needs, or get recommendations from our team of experts. Reach out to us at any time to learn more about our offerings or get help in making your party shine!