4 Unique And Exciting Styles To Level Up Your Balloon Decor

4 Unique And Exciting Styles To Level Up Your Balloon Decor

When talking about balloons, people usually think about the plain old ones we all remember from childhood – round in shape with a single colour tone, often with a simple design printed on them. Although such types are still present today, commercial party balloon design has improved by leagues and bounds since its origins of yesteryear. Many now sport all sorts of novel shapes and vibrant shades that make any event pop. Curious to know what these new balloon decorations are? Read on to learn more about the latest and most exciting balloon styles to deck out your next event!

Balloon centrepiece

These balloon decorations can range from large, impressive displays like standing centrepieces to smaller, subtle decor like table centrepieces. Other common variations include balloon columns and balloon arches. However, with the incredible versatility of balloons, your imagination is the only limit to what kind of centrepiece you can make. From lifelike sculptures of your favourite cartoon characters to an entire miniature balloon castle that guests can navigate, whatever centrepiece design you want can most likely be constructed from the simple balloon.

LED balloons

LED balloons are the perfect addition to any nighttime event, as their brilliance can elevate your venue’s lighting. Attaching these LED lights makes your balloons look more dazzling than ever, which helps to create a dreamy atmosphere and add that sense of magic to your event. From illuminating the dance floor to simply creating a cosy mood that mesmerises guests, there’s a lot you can do with these balloons to make your event memorable.

Balloon bouquet

Giving a bouquet of flowers has become a common gift for many occasions. And while receiving a lovely bundle of blooms is by no means going out of style anytime soon, there’s no harm in mixing things up with an equally beautiful balloon bouquet! Made with modelling balloons that can twist in any which way, balloon bouquets can serve as a good substitute for the conventional flower bouquet or merely complement it if you so wish. Regardless, the recipient will surely be all smiles as they get surprised by your one-of-a-kind gift!

Balloon confetti

If regular balloons are too plain for your liking, balloon confetti decorations may be just what you’re looking for! This type of balloon is typically transparent to fully showcase the additional decorations that lie within it. These include colourful confetti, feathers, and anything else you may want to put inside should you go the custom route, like smaller balloons. Talk about balloon-ception! All in all, balloon confetti is a simple yet unique twist to the balloon decoration formula and makes for a great addition to complement your balloon arrangements.


Balloons are a fun decorative element with plenty of styles, shapes, and materials to choose from to suit all your party decor needs. Its great potential for customisation further adds to its value as you can make your arrangements wholly unique to your event.

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