What You Need To Know About Organising Surprise Parties

What You Need To Know About Organising Surprise Parties
Looking to celebrate that special someone’s upcoming birthday, graduation, or other milestones? Then a surprise party is a perfect way to do so! Unlike regular parties, surprise parties are more of an intimate occasion held for a specific guest of honour. That said, planning a surprise party is easier said than done; there’s plenty of behind-the-scenes planning work to do, all while making sure the person you’re holding the party for is kept in the dark about the surprise that awaits them. So, to ensure your event is a certified blast, take note of these handy tips for planning a surprise party for family and friends!

1. Choose a fitting theme

No party can go without a theme as it establishes what is being celebrated. If your surprise party doesn’t fall under the usual categories, thinking outside the box is necessary. In this case, the theme doesn’t have to be anything special; something simple can suffice and will likely be more appreciated by the person you’re planning for. Upon deciding on the right theme, you will have an easier time organising the other party details, such as party decorations, dress codes for guests, and even invite decor.

2. Find a good location

The location of where you host your surprise party plays a bigger role than you may initially think. As a reminder, it’s vital to set up everything without the celebrant noticing anything, so keep the prep work and decor under wraps as best you can. Hence, choosing a place where guests can get to easily and feel comfortable is the first thing to consider, followed by the celebrant’s schedule. If you want to throw the surprise party at home, it may be challenging to get everything set up while hiding them from the special guest. If they have a daily routine of spending most of the day at work, this makes things easier as you can have the party and the guests ready to greet them upon their return. Otherwise, getting them out of the house will typically require creating a situation that calls for them to be away for a while. If you can manage that, the payoff from springing the surprise on the guest of honour will be most rewarding.

3. Work on the guest list and invites

Every party will have a guest list, but in the case of surprise parties, there’s an extra layer to consider – ensuring the invitees keep things hush-hush. You can choose the traditional route of making physical invitations and sending them out or skip it entirely in favour of online messaging, which is the quicker way of getting the word out about your surprise party. It’s also a good idea to create a chat group with all the guests to coordinate things more easily, but be sure to set it to private as you wouldn’t want the celebrant finding out your plans by accident!

4. Pick the right party supplies and decorations

Decorations are essential to any celebration, be it a simple affair or a large event. With the theme, location, and guests sorted, you can start thinking about the decorations and fun activities for entertainment. And when it comes to party decor, a few things should never be left out, the most important being balloons! As the quintessential decoration that everyone associates with celebrations, it is the mainstay item that screams ‘party’ and helps set the mood of any event! From personalised balloons and balloon bouquets to large-standing centrepieces, you can do much with these inflatable party supplies to meet your event’s decoration needs. Besides balloons, you may also need items like themed buntings, tassel garlands, pinatas, and other decors, depending on the surprise party you’re hosting.


Given the many facets of organising a party today, there may be other party elements to take care of that are not covered here, such as taking care of the food and drink and tracking the guests’ allergies. That said, the contents above should suffice to get you started on planning for your surprise party and make it a fun time for everyone, especially the celebrant. For the best balloons and party supplies around, look no further than Funlah! As Singapore’s resident fun makers, you can rely on us for all your party decoration needs, from modern and colourful balloons to party and float rentals. Check out our expansive selection of balloons of all styles and sizes that will meet all your needs. Alternatively, you can reach out to our team of experts for the best recommendations for your particular event. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime for more details or get help to make your party a blast!