6 Whimsical Ways To Let Balloons Lead Your Wedding Decor

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Traditional wedding décor dictates flowers and greenery to fill every corner. But, over the years, wedding décor has become much more, incorporating elements like string lights and balloons. Specifically, balloons are turning out to be a constant fan favourite due to their playful nature.

At this point, you must be thinking, but how can we incorporate balloons into the wedding décor seamlessly? If not done well, balloons can stick out like a sore thumb among your celebrations. So don’t break a sweat: here are some ways you can experiment with balloons to add some whimsy to your wedding celebrations.

Create ombre or rainbow-coloured balloon walls

If you want to add a pop of colour to your celebrations, balloon walls are the perfect way to do so. Simple yet alluring, balloon walls serve as the backdrop for not just your wedding photos but as a photobooth for your guests too!

As for the colours, a rainbow balloon wall would be the stunning ‘wow’ factor that you can consider for your reception. Imagine balloons of each colour lined to represent the colours of the rainbow, covering an entire section of the wall. But, be sure to keep the wall as a small section or have balloons of smaller sizes so it looks artful rather than tacky.

If you are looking for something slightly more subtle, perhaps go for an ombre colour scheme. Ombre colours allow you to follow a single palette while still having a mix of shades to keep it from looking too simple.

Rope in balloon installations

As brilliant décor that fill any ceiling, balloons are the perfect element to make up a hanging installation! Fairy tale weddings are not complete without an airy vibe that only hanging structures can provide, so why not have one with balloons? Hanging installations also give you space to create patterns that showcase the area and even inject some personality into it.

As for the colours, while wedding balloons usually follow a more muted pink palate, hanging installations allow you to go for a bolder look. You can install a colourful archway that your guest can walk through as they enter the reception. Either way, hanging balloon installations gives extra magic to the entire event.

Install balloon garlands

If you are looking for something quirky at your reception table, consider balloon garlands. Balloon garlands are a string of arranged balloons with greenery or leaves attached as the finishing touches.

Garlands have slowly risen to fame due to their minimal outlook. If you’re considering a balloon garland, you can have a mix of balloon sizes to give the arrangement an added flair. This arrangement is also sure to snag your guests’ attention when they approach the reception.

Position a balloon centrepiece

Tired of floral or candle centrepieces? Have one made of balloons instead! Centrepieces are arguably the most vital décor element in the reception as they are what your guests catch as they take their seats. A balloon centrepiece might provide the conversation starter that they need to talk to their table-mates too!

The centrepiece does not have to be over the top and grandiose. Instead of an elaborate display, you can opt to have an assortment of small balloons clustered at the centre, or even simpler, have an oversized helium balloon accompanied by a few floral stalks or a festive balloon holder.

Let your bridesmaid or flower girl carry them

Having your bridesmaids carry a balloon rather than a bridesmaid bouquet as they walk down the aisle will give them something to remember. Having your flower girls take a balloon down the aisle also makes for an adorable picture. An additional tip: let these balloons match their dresses to make it all part of a seamless dress code.

Have balloons trailing your getaway car

Lastly, balloons are not just restricted to the wedding ceremony or reception. They also make for a chic getaway accessory. For an impactful exit, you would need a dramatic send-off, and what better to help you with than a trail of balloons floating after you!

Some colours that are commonly chosen would be pink and cream tones. What better way to celebrate your newlywed status and kickstart your honeymoon than balloons trailing in the wind as you drive off into the sunset!


Weddings are joyous occasions. With the addition of balloons into your décor, you’ll make one that is unforgettable for both you and your guests. So use these ideas to design a balloon arrangement that fits your wedding festivities!

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