Lift Your Graduation Parties With Brilliant Balloon Decor

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For those who’ve finally reached the finish line of their academic journey, congrats to you! Graduations are joyous occasions that will always call for a grand celebration. Claiming the paper evidence of your efforts since your first day of school is indeed a good reason to jump for joy, and the feeling is best shared with the friends that you’ve made along the way.

With that, holding a graduation party is not only well-deserved, but it’s also an absolute necessity. And now, with slight ease of the COVID-19 safety measures, you can round your closest study buddies for a quick photoshoot or a small intimate party with family at home! So if you need excellent decorations to make your party a memorable one, here are some ideas on how helium balloons can make it so.

Perfectly match the colour scheme of your party

Are you a bit uncertain of the colour scheme to use for the party? Well, trouble yourself no further since when it comes to parties dedicated to one’s graduation, there’s no better colour scheme to follow than your official school colours.

Thanks to the freedom to customise to your heart’s desire, balloons can be modified to perfectly match the colours of the rest of your party’s decor. On top of the colour, the graduation balloons can also be shaped into something that fits your party. Whether it’s a champagne-shaped balloon or balloons shaped in the year you and your batchmates graduated – these brilliant décor can match seamlessly!

Display a congratulatory message for everyone to see

Balloons aren’t limited to just having solid colours; you can also personalise them with heartfelt messages you wish to include. Make the most of this simple yet impactful feature by adding your well-wishes for everyone to see.

For instance, you could put in some congratulatory messages or short nostalgic phrases that speak of you and your friends’ school experiences in the past. These heartfelt messages that come in the form of bold foil letter balloons, are sure to take everyone on a trip down memory lane and reminisce their journey leading towards this day.

Replace party lights with brightly lit balloons

No party’s ever complete without a bit of dancing and unbridled merrymaking on the dance floor. If you want to make the graduation party an event that no one will ever forget, you’ll have to get creative with your ‘presentation’.

For instance, when it’s high time that everyone got groovin’, cut the lights and surprise your guests once the seemingly ordinary balloons come to life and light up the designated dance floor! A couple of customised balloons filled with shining glitter or painted in bright colours are sure to add an unexpected and wonderful twist to the party. It’ll be easy to encourage everyone to get up, hit the dance floor, and celebrate with their fellow schoolmates to the fullest before they move on to the next chapter in their lives.


Graduations are special milestones that everyone’s been looking forward to, and they also serve to mark the end of a significant chapter of one’s life. Commemorate this momentous day with a well-deserved party – make it a memorable one for your closest friends and family with some of the most fanciful balloons in Singapore!

As your one-stop for trendy and fun party supplies, if you have a personalised order in mind, drop us a message and we’ll see to recreating your ideal balloons! With island-wide helium balloon delivery, our balloon obsessed Funlah team is here to provide the finishing touches to any of your milestones.