16 Inch Gold Happy Birthday Alphabet Letter Foil Balloon Banner


Happy Birthday Foil Balloon

16 inch Foil Balloon for any 1st year birthday, baby shower and princess party. Foil balloon has inserts as a hanging banner.

Size : 16 inch| 40cm height

Material: Mylar foil

  • Recommended to Inflate with air using regular straws or air pump. (16 inch Letter Foil Balloons will not float with helium gases due to its volume capacity is less to lift the balloons.)
  • Balloons will be shipped/ collected in flat pieces. Please inflate the balloons 2 to 3 days before the event to check for leakage, You can re-inflate the balloons at anytime as it is re-usable.
  • Please note that replacement for leakage is only available by exchanging with us at our warehouse or 3-5 days in advance.
  • Balloon comes with Self Seal Valve to prevent leaking of gas. Fast, easy and convenient
  • High temperature, exposure under the sun, friction and force etc will cause the balloon to deflate or explode.
  • Please discard defected balloons immediately.
  • Beware of thermal expansion and contraction under different weather conditions.
  • If there are small holes in the balloon and causes deflation, one could use tape to cover the holes and that should do the trick.
  • Avoid any sharp objects and edges when placing the balloons.

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