Desire Gold Balloon Package


Get a Funlah Desire Gold Balloon Package for a wholesome sweetness fun-filled birthday party, 100 days old baby girl celebration or any special occasion. We’ve selected this theme for the darling angels. This package is also suitable for any birthday, anniversary, valentine’s day and even your wedding proposal day! Finally, Helium balloons or any balloon garlands will be ready-made upon self collection/delivered.

What’s included?

  • 3 x 18″ Hearts Foil Balloon
  • 40″ Jumbo Digit Foil Balloon (Up to 2 digits)
  • 12″ Balloon Bouquet X 12 Balloons (2 Confetti, 2 Chrome gold, 4 Rose Gold, 4 Champagne )
  • White Happy Birthday Bunting
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