4 Creative Balloon Decorations For Your Kid’s Birthday Party

4 Creative Balloon Decorations For Your Kid's Birthday Party

Balloons have become a traditional party staple, so much so that any birthday celebration would not feel complete without them. Simple, affordable, and seemingly versatile enough to spruce up any event and match any theme, these party bangers add fun and festivity with little effort.But do you know that there are more ways to utilise balloons than just tying them up in bunches or heaping them all over the place? With so many new and creative designs, you can find the perfect set of balloons to highlight the party’s theme, amazing the kids and make their parties something to remember. Check out some creative balloon ideas that you can implement for your kid’s next birthday party without breaking the bank.

  • Cartoon character-themed balloons

No childhood is complete without a favourite cartoon or two, and chances are, your kid’s probably going through the phase of binge-watching their favourite shows right now. You’ll definitely see them smile from ear-to-ear from the excitement they must feel, seeing the character balloon that is almost akin to seeing their beloved cartoon characters come to life.You can get foil balloons or shaped balloons imprinted with or formed into their favourite superheroes, princesses, cartoon personalities, including even general thematic characters like dinosaurs, unicorns, or mermaids. With such a variety to choose from, there is almost a guaranteed balloon for every kid out there.

  • Balloon arches and columns

What’s more impressive than a massive set of balloons? A whole balloon arch or column structure that makes for fantastic photo opportunities. Use your balloon structure to define entryways, making it a grand and impressive entrance for your guests and birthday kid to walk through. Place an arch over their cake table during the moment of birthday songs and cutting of the cake to create memorable and picturesque photos to capture the moment.But did you also know that balloon arches can be themed? Aside from colour combinations, you can weave them in different patterns and shapes and even put in some add-ons like battery lights and floral pieces. However you do it, they always turn out impressive and will probably be the centrepiece of the party.

  • Candy-filled balloons

The only other thing that kids love more than life and cartoons are candies. And if not on their day of celebration, when else can we let them indulge in a sweet treat or two? For this, you would need to fill up high-quality clear latex balloons with chocolate, candies, and perhaps some confetti for decorative add-ons. Blow it up, and let the kids pop them in a game or two to get their treats! Create endless opportunities for fun with creative games, each with a special reward for the kids that participate and watch them have the time of their livesIf that’s too messy or time-consuming for you, take a look at the balloon snack box, another in-trend balloon decoration. A balloon gift or snack box can also be a unique little award for kids that win any games set up for the day. Birthday child or not, receiving this tasty décor prize is sure to make their day.

  • Personalised balloon decorations

Number balloons to represent their age and letter balloons to spell out their names – nothing makes a kid feel more special than being put in the limelight for the day. After all, a birthday is literally a celebration of the person themself! Want to make it a little more special? Take a look at our hand-painted balloons, something to add a unique touch that you don’t see for many birthdays. These bespoken and custom-made balloons are fully customisable and are able to fit any birthday theme and concept you have in mind.


Balloons are honestly more than just plastic sacs filled with air. These versatile and humble spheres can be used in so many different ways, and it’s up to your imagination and creativity to create the perfect event. We at Funlah pride ourselves in being able to spruce up and create unforgettable birthdays for any child with this often overlooked prop. Still unsure of what you can do for your kid’s birthday celebration or other events? Check out our vast catalogue of balloons and I’m sure you’ll get a creative idea or two!