Decorating Parties: Affordable But Stunning Balloon Décor

Decorating Parties: Affordable But Stunning Balloon Décor

Parties are special events held to commemorate momentous occasions in our lives or, in some cases, just to have fun and let loose after toiling day in and day out in the office. But we all know that parties are more than just the bites and the booze; the music and décor make up a considerable part of embellishing the venue and creating an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment.

While we can’t look at every element of what makes a great party, we can take a deeper look at how we can employ the versatile balloon to create the perfect setting for a great party. Many people might overlook this humble décor and skimp on it, but not only are they easy to set up, versatile and hugely affordable, these balloons can often create beautiful settings when done right. So without further ado, here are 3 benefits of balloons you can maximise to create that perfect party.

The ability to purchase in bulk

One of the main reasons balloons are such a hot commodity in décor (think balloon arches, helium balloons and balloon walkways) is the affordability to purchase in bulk. Having a ‘more than enough’ quantity of balloons take up ample space and create a filled decorative setting. Buying in bulk can also net you various advantages, namely:

  • Balloon shops in Singapore typically offer higher discounts for bulk orders on balloons, garnering more significant savings.
  • Investing in more balloons than you need for the upcoming party ensures that you’ll have enough to complete all of your balloon decoration plans. You can always employ them for various celebrations and events with its versatility.
  • Being able to purchase unique balloons that often come in various packages, as expanded below.

Getting unique balloons suitable for the occasion

No one ever buys just one or two balloons, which is doubly so for unique balloon options like letter balloons or number balloons. Whether it is to spell out a person’s name or to denote their age with giant helium balloons, balloons are affordable, allowing you to buy a set to create a specific setting or message.

Balloon designs have gotten more innovative and creative over the years. There are themed balloons available for weddings, graduations, hen & stag events, and birthday-themed balloons for your birthday party. Thinking to do something even more special? How about a hand-painted balloon to get for an extra special celebration that is sure to be a great décor piece. Utilise these balloons to create the perfect setting for any celebration with minimal hassle.

Mixing it up

Rather than just using a single balloon, you can often mix and match various regular and helium balloons in conjunction with these specially chosen number, letter or themed balloons to create the maximum impact for any guest or birthday boy and girl to experience.

Balloons can also be easily used to set up various fun and exciting games. From playing simple ‘balloon volleyball’ to treasure hunts with balloons hidden around the house, your creativity is the only limiting factor in how much fun is to be had.


Balloons truly reign supreme when it comes to party décor. No small thanks to their affordability and versatility – truly a ‘where quality meets quantity’ if we’ve ever seen one. So don’t be afraid the next time you think about décor for your next celebration or party. Armed with your new impression of balloons, we know you’re sure to have a great party that has décor for guests to be wow-ed by!