5 Fun Decor Arrangements For The Festive Christmas Cheer

5 Fun Decor Arrangements For The Festive Christmas Cheer

Who doesn’t love the joyous season of Christmas? It’s not only kids that love gifts and presents, and we know that the season of giving and laughter is always a perfect way to end a year. Kids and adults are eager to deck their homes with some new decorations, and elegant embellishments are the ideal way to set the mode and usher in the spirit of the holidays.

Whether it’s just to decorate the everyday parts of your home seasonally or if it’s for a memorable holiday gathering, we’ve gathered a few recommendations below. So ring in the yuletide seasons with these inspired ideas and get the Christmas cheer going!

1. Festive balloon garland

A basic yet effective balloon garland is perfect if you want a lively Christmas party. Stick to the classic Christmas colour scheme of red and green for a traditional look, or go for modern sensibilities with a gold, white, and silver colour scheme. Whichever one you prefer, use helium balloons of high quality, and make sure to string the garland securely. Hang it over a doorway, and you’ve essentially created a modern mistletoe!

2. Christmas bunting

A bunting is a type of garland made of fabric, paper or plastic. They are usually shaped like triangular flags, but many different designs are now available. For Christmas, we recommend a bunting that spells out the word “Merry Christmas” in gold foil that can be the centrepiece of your decor. Go for a pom-pom ball bunting in vibrant, festive colours for a cuter option. Either way, it’s going to look great with the theme you’ve set for yourself.

3. “Merry Christmas” foil letter balloons

Also known as mylar balloons, you can use foil balloons to spell out “Merry Christmas” for your party venue. Individual letter balloons in Singapore are widely available in many different colours. Gold is the most popular, but why not alternate between more colours like rose gold or green, reminiscent of the festive Christmas cheer?

4. Christmas tassel garland

If you can’t get enough of the garlands you see at parties, you can also have some in your home as decoration. A tassel garland is perfect for keeping the festive mood even when you’re just relaxing with a cup of hot chocolate at home. Tassels come in various materials: simple Japanese paper tassels go great with any holiday home, while metallic paper ones can add some splendour.

5. Yuletide helium balloon arch

Have you ever seen a balloon arch in those extravagant proms and birthday parties? Well, they’re not only perfect for just those events but also Christmastime for those wanting a slightly more spectacular Christmas décor this year. You can get one of a smaller size to fit into your corridor and create a memorable time for your family and young ones this Christmas!


You don’t have to bust the bank to create the atmosphere for a perfect Christmas. A little creativity can go a long way. Aside from the standard frills and tinsel we’ve come to know and love, helium balloons in the right colour and combinations are a great and affordable way to set the perfect Christmas vibes. If you’re looking for a place to get party decorations and high-quality balloons in Singapore, look no further than Funlah. Browse our online shop to have your decorations delivered straight to your doorstep — just in time for the holiday fever!