4 Fun Water Balloon Games For Children’s Christmas Party

4 Fun Water Balloon Games For Children's Christmas Party

Christmas is the perfect season to share gifts and the best time for festive fun and laughter. As the season of giving approaches again, we often rack our brains for fun activities that go alongside the gift-giving tradition. Even more so, when we have young ones brimming with excitement about the games, they will play, and we know you wouldn’t want to disappoint.Balloons have always been a staple for decoration, as they are easy to set up and immediately bring the mood for celebration and party. You’ll never run out of choices with balloons in Singapore and the selection of games it can be a part of. However, do you know that balloons can come in handy for all kinds of games, contests, and outdoor activities? Here are four fun water balloon games for you to consider for your children in the upcoming Christmas season.

1. Save The Balloons!

This game only requires balls, a bucket, and an empty container. Start by equally dividing the players into two teams and asking each group to stand a couple of meters away from each other. Give each team a large empty container that they can use for catching balls and a bucket filled with water balls. At your command, the players should throw water balls at the opponent team while trying to catch the balls thrown at them without making them pop.The players should put the successfully caught balls into the empty tray, and when both teams run out of balls, count how much each group has caught together. The amount of water caught can also be measured with a tie-breaker. The team with the most caught water balloons is the winner! This game is a great outdoor activity that your children can play with their peers. Just be sure to let the guests know to pack some extra clothes for their children!

2. Wet Races

You will need four things for this game: water inflatables, empty plastic bottles, markers, and a small toothpick. Start by dividing the kids into two groups and place several balls near the starting line while placing two empty plastic water bottles at the finish line. To start the race, get two water balloons and make a tiny hole in each balloon, then give the dripping balls to the first players in the line. At your command, the players must run to the finish line as fast as possible and pour all the water into the bottles.After completing the task, they must run back to the line, pierce the next ball and hand it to the next player. The next player then does what the first player did, and so on. The winner is decided by which team fills their bottle first.

3. Music Water Bombs

You only need water balloons and chairs for this simple game. Start by arranging the chairs in the form of a circle and at a short distance from each other and place the water ball on the seat of each chair. Turn on the Christmas party music while making the kids run around the chair, and when the music stops, they must each sit down on a chair by popping a balloon as they sit. Mix up the songs and the starting distance from the chairs to create various challenge levels and fun for the kids! The player who failed to secure a chair and pops a balloon is out of the game.

4. Slippery Balloons

Balloons, pails, soapy water, scoops, and a stopwatch – these are the items needed for the last game. Start by filling the children’s pail with water balls and soapy water. Then, set a timer and give the children some scoops and make them get slippery balls until the round is done. Make them run over a distance or perform various actions like hopping, duck walking, or performing a specific pose before they can drop off the balls into their designated container. The winner is decided with the player who caught the most balls.


Although a simple tool, water balloons can lead to many fun games as long as we let our creativity run wild. And such times are precious memories for both us and our young ones as we spend time together with friends and family enjoying the Christmas cheer. If you’re looking for a balloon supplier in Singapore, Funlah is here to help you. Bring your next celebration to the next level with our catalogue of high-quality balloons, ranging from Christmas inflatables to birthday balloons. Don’t be afraid to drop us a message and ask for specific recommendations or custom inflatables as well. We’re here to ensure everything is smooth for your event décor needs so you can enjoy yourself on the day itself.