Using Balloons To Create The Most Romantic Proposal Setup

Using Balloons To Create The Most Romantic Proposal Setup
If you’re reading this article, you probably have reached that point in time where you’re thinking of taking your relationship to the next level and making your commitment official in not just words but with a ring. If so, congratulations! We know that asking your partner’s hand at marriage can be that much nerve-wracking. Undeniably, it is your love for each other that will earn you their sweet “yes”, but if you want to set up a more romantic mood to make them feel your love more, read on as we go over some tips to help you plan the perfect proposal.

1. Decide on the location

If there’s one thing that most romantic movies have depicted, it’s that the most romantic proposals are the ones that are done in a meaningful location. You have to choose a location that has a significant moment in your relationship attached to it – perhaps the place where you first met, or where you celebrated your first anniversary. And if anything else, scout out the location days or even weeks ahead. Look for anything that might be an issue, getting permits, making sure the public won’t interrupt your special moment and the places to set up your décor, determining what you should bring to spruce up the location. Preparation is key; they do say better safe than sorry, especially for a moment as big as this one!

2. Incorporate some personal touches

In general, marriage proposals involve a diamond ring, a dinner for two, a bouquet of flowers, and perhaps a string quartet. But you have to think outside the box if you want your proposal to feel more special. To do so, take some of your partner’s favourite things into consideration – where does she like to eat on a special occasion? Does she prefer the bustling nature of the city or the calmness of a rural lifestyle? Anyone can make an occasion fancy by throwing cash at it. But luckily for the rest of us, the best proposals are the ones that are personal. Take some time to brainstorm about how you can be creative to include the things your partner likes. We’ve once heard of a guy who proposed with chili crab and broccoli (of course with a ring in his back pocket) to which the girl laughed and said a resounding “yes” to. At the very least, the couple enjoyed themselves on their special day!

3. Do your best to keep it a secret

Everybody knows that marriage proposals should be kept under wraps until the big moment, but we can’t stress this enough. Planning a marriage proposal involves a lot of things – booking a table at your favourite restaurant, searching for and buying the perfect ring. Getting all your friends and family down, tying down their stories so the soon-to-be fiancée won’t suspect anything. If you don’t hide the plans well, you can unintentionally give them hints and ruin the surprise. But if you successfully keep it from them, the big moment will feel more special because they did not see it coming.

4. Make the necessary arrangements

If the plan is to propose at a public place, then you might want to coordinate with the people who work there so that they can help you set the mood. Perhaps they can reserve a better table for you, or make the place less crowded so that it wouldn’t feel too public. But if your proposal will be at a more private setup, then you have more creative liberties as to what you can do with the place. To make the place more romantic, you can never go wrong with candles, a bouquet of flowers, and some romantic-themed balloons. Sure, arranging them is another thing that you have to keep from your partner, but you can always ask for help from close friends or family members.

5. Man up

Even if you perfected the setup and have everything that you need, you still need to man up and get over the nervousness that marriage proposals usually come with. As long as you’ve made your decision and know that she is the one, you really are all set. Don’t let the jitters get the best of you because as they say, everything you want is on the other side of fear. You got this!


A romantic marriage proposal is one that is full of love and sincerity, well-planned and executed well. More than anything, commonly overlooked items like flowers, candles and balloons are cheaper items that can be used in quantity to create an almost magical atmosphere for your special occasion. If you need help in setting up the perfect environment to propose to your significant other, we at Funlah have a selection of romantic balloons and other celebratory items that you might be interested in. WhatsApp us today at +65 8882 8123 to engage our party accessories and get your themed and letter balloons in Singapore.