Unique Ways To Personalise Your Balloons For Any Occasion

Unique Ways To Personalise Your Balloons For Any Occasion

Personalised decorations, especially balloons, are a fantastic way to build a positive and fun environment at any personal or corporate event, from birthday parties to product launches. They can also be a brilliant idea to let someone know that you care about them or a delightful and unique method to improve someone’s mood when they are not feeling good. If you need help with what kind of personalised balloon would fit the occasion or be the best choice for an individual, here are some personalised balloon suggestions to help kick-start your planning!

1. LED lights

Many people tend to settle for simple, plain latex balloons and occasionally arrange them on bouquets when it comes to giving them as gifts or using them as decorations for an event. While it is entirely acceptable and up to one’s personal preference, why not amp it up with LED lights? With our 22″ Transparent Balloon with Colourful LED Lights, almost anything goes pertaining to your ability to customise them! You could insert your custom text or even arrange to have balloon bouquets match them for that gorgeous, bright touch.

These sparkling balloons will create a dreamy atmosphere in your venue. It’s a well-liked gift for your loved ones at any occasion or party, and it enables you to celebrate your event in style to make for some lovely memories.

2. Include names and numbers

Hoping to celebrate a loved one’s special occasion a bit differently? Print their names on balloons for a unique and personalised gift! If they’re celebrating a birthday, you can include their age in the custom text for that extra individualised touch. Choose from a variety of balloon types, such as bubble or latex balloons, of different colours to match the lucky person you’re giving it to or to add a bit of creative fun.

3. Balloon reveals

Balloons make an excellent method to surprise friends and loved ones with new and thrilling news. Play around with personalised balloons and make your friends and loved ones guess about your baby’s gender reveal or pregnancy announcement. Our 30″ Jumbo Round Gender Reveal Balloon will be perfect for this!

4. Express with colour

Balloons come in various colours, and for great reason! Use colours and choose balloons representing the holiday you’re celebrating to set the scene for your event. Some examples would be orange, black, and purple for Halloween or red, green, and white for Christmas. And for something unique and different, use clear balloons or anything with metallic finishes.

5. Favourite phrases 

Write your friend or loved one’s favourite, meaningful phrases or any heartfelt messages you want to convey on personalised balloons. After all, you can never go wrong with being sentimental. Our 24″ Clear Bubble or Gold Confetti Jumbo Balloon is perfect if you’d like to add a little bit of pizzazz while at it!

6. Big impact

Create an unforgettable statement with jumbo personalised balloons ​​– these are great for significant parties or get-togethers in wide-open spaces. Our 36″ Wedding Entre Leaf Garland Helium Balloon is an excellent choice for welcoming guests to your most special day.


When it comes to celebrating special occasions like baby showers, birthday parties, or a romantic proposal, you’d want to get the most charming balloons to impress the person you’re getting it for. But if you can’t seem to find the one that conveys your message perfectly, that’s where our Funlah team comes in! We help fill the gap in all your balloon decoration dilemmas, be it for a bridal shower or birthday balloon decoration. Do not hesitate to contact us if you’d like to take it up a notch with balloons (and other party supplies) for your event!