4 Unconventional Yet Fun Occasions To Give Loved Ones A Gift

4 Unconventional Yet Fun Occasions To Give Loved Ones A Gift

Giving loved ones a gift during mainstream occasions like birthdays and anniversaries to the point it becomes almost mandatory is seemingly common today. However, there are unconventional but significant events that are best celebrated with a special present, too. With how advanced and progressive we have become in the 21st century, it is no surprise that there are other festivals and special occasions where a thoughtful gift can be a welcome surprise! These unusual occasions may not be so popular, but they make for excellent opportunities to show your loved ones how much they mean to you and shower them with heartfelt presents.

Check out these four uncommon celebrations that are great for showing the special people in your life that you are thinking about them on these special days;

1. Best Friends Day

This particular day isn’t just for any friend but for those who consider themselves the best of friends. Best friends are like soulmates – they share a special bond that only they can understand and appreciate. Best friends are also those whom you would do anything for and simply cannot live without as they occupy an important part of your life.

If you are looking for an excuse to dedicate a day of fun to your best friends, let this be fate: the 8th of June is Best Friend’s Day! It is the day devoted to showing your dearest friends that you have their backs. Some of the most unique and practical gift ideas for Best Friends Day include flower balloon bouquets, wine hampers, pamper gift baskets, gourmet food, and their favourite cakes and pastries.

2. World Smile Day

An event that occurs every 7th of October, World Smile Day is a special day for showing those around you the importance of kindness and brightening other people’s days. Share the joy of this smiley occasion with those around you by doing small acts of kindness like opening doors for other people, helping elderly folks cross the street, buying a cup of coffee for an officemate, leaving thank you notes for your friends, and purchasing small gifts to make this day more meaningful. Anything that brings a smile to one’s face is a gift worth celebrating.

3. Sisters’ Day

Do you have a sister that you are appreciative of? Well, this is the day you honour their roles in your life! If you do not have sisters by blood, fret not; you can still celebrate this day by acknowledging the women in your life whom you consider sisters – close friends, neighbours, and even relatives such as cousins and aunts who are so close to your age they seem more like sisters!

Commemorated on the 7th of August this year, Sisters’ Day is a way of recognising the bond between female siblings (as well as those you treat as a family) and the memories you made with them. You can make your beloved sisters feel cherished and revered by sending them stunning flower balloon bouquets, balloon snack boxes, gift cards, perfumes, and pamper hampers, to name a few.

4. Love Note Day

Love Note Day is specially reserved for writing and sending love notes to the important persons in your life, as its name implies. Any recipient of these precious love notes will undoubtedly be brought to tears, especially in this modern age where we exclusively send messages through mobile phones and have long forgotten the significance of writing a handwritten note.

On the 26th of September, send a love letter to the individual who means the most to you! To make it extra special, consider pairing it with balloon flower stalk bouquets, hand bouquets, or a heart-shaped balloon gift box filled with red roses for the romantic maestros.


Besides the big occasions, there are many other reasons to celebrate your existence and the special people in your life. Sometimes, you don’t even need a special occasion to show your loved ones how much you adore them and how you think the world of them – whether it be for someone you are recently thinking about or even for yourself as a form of self-love, gifts can always be given at any time. After all, who’s to say they are only restricted for special events?

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