5 Tips To Planning The Perfect Children’s Birthday Party

5 Tips To Planning The Perfect Children's Birthday Party

Virtually every child is excited about their birthday – it is the one special day where their existence is celebrated by many, accompanied by a unique birthday cake and gifts from loved ones. Moreover, they would ideally want to invite their friends so they can share food and play all day. As parents, we want to grant our children’s wishes and make each birthday celebration as memorable and fun as possible.

There are many factors to consider when planning your little one’s birthday party. Does their interest lie in mermaids, unicorns, or Disney Princesses? Or do they prefer toy soldiers, dinosaurs, Spiderman, or vintage cars? Choosing a specific theme your child loves will make planning more straightforward as it ultimately dictates which birthday balloon decoration, utensils, birthday cake, and other supplies to buy to achieve the motif you are going for.

To further help make planning your child’s next birthday party fun and easy, here are a few tips to take into consideration;

1. Add an element of surprise

Planning a child’s birthday party in secret can be next to impossible, but if you are careful, you can pull it off without any hitch. Besides, surprising your little princess or prince makes the celebration even more special.

That said, how do you organise the party without your child suspecting anything? To begin with, you can try to get input from them without being too obvious about it. Some ways to do so is by discreetly asking them whether they prefer a specific cartoon or superhero character, such as Anna or Elsa from Frozen, Spiderman, or dinosaurs. Alternatively, you may show them pictures representing the themes you have in mind and get them to choose the one they like most. For a more secretive approach, simply pay attention to what they enjoy watching on the television the most! In many cases, children are always talking about their favourite cartoon characters – hence, it would be great to take note of that as well.

2. Search online for unique party themes

Social media is more than just news and entertainment – there are many places online that can give you inspiration, such as Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. Even if you have already decided on a theme, whether it is a pirate, princess, or zoo-inspired motif, searching online for photographs and videos will give you inspiration and fantastic ideas on which birthday decorations, cake design, accessories, and other supplies to purchase for your child’s themed party.

3. Check for budget constraints

Before you scour the Internet and shops nearby for all the supplies you need, it would be best to allocate a financial budget that is within your means. Doing so will make it easier for you to make decisions when choosing which decorations and supplies to purchase.

Ideally, the budget should consist of the following:

  • Birthday cake
  • Food, snacks, and beverages
  • Games
  • Items for goodie bags
  • Party accessories and decorations (balloons, pinata, and more)
  • Paper plates and plastic cups

Additionally, it is recommended that you set aside some money on the actual day of the party, in an event where you may need some extras at the last minute.

4. Pick a suitable venue 

Not many may realise it, but the venue plays a significant role in tying the party theme together. For instance, Sentosa Beach is undoubtedly a more suitable venue for a beach-themed birthday party, while a chalet with a barbeque pit is ideal for a barbeque birthday party. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having the party at your abode, especially if your child is a homebody! It all depends on what you think your child will enjoy most as it is, after all, their birthday party.

5. Don’t forget to plan the games and entertainment

A party without games is just a meeting – from board games to physical games, there are never-ending options when it comes to entertaining children! Some examples of popular games include Pass the Balloon, Find your Partner, Treasure Hunt, Simon Says, and Musical Chairs. That said, when choosing the games to play, do ensure they are age-appropriate so your child and their friends can enjoy the party to the fullest.

If you would like to make it extra special, take your child’s birthday party to the next level by renting a bouncy castle or hiring a clown, mime, professional face painter, or balloon artist! These are just a few of the endless forms of entertainment that you can consider to make the party more lively.


All things considered, planning a child’s birthday party is made far easier if there is a specific theme in mind. It acts as a guide for all the other important elements that will ultimately make the celebration more enjoyable.

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