DIY Photo Booth: Tips For Setting Up A Smashing Party

DIY Photo Booth: Tips For Setting Up A Smashing Party

As a host, it is understandable to want to ensure that your guests have a great experience at any point during your party – regardless of the occasion, venue, or theme. While ensuring that your guests are satisfied with the delectable spread of mouth-watering food at the buffet table and are enjoying the company of the other attendees, you ideally would want to have different forms of entertainment to make your event one that they won’t forget!

There are many ways to ensure guests have a blast at your party. For one, it could be the overflowing supply of good food and drinks, followed by the several fun games they can participate in. But aside from the stunning balloon decorations, it would help if you also considered other fun options, such as having a photo booth at your venue.

When it comes to modern social gatherings, photo booths have become ubiquitous. While they are not a requirement, having one for your special occasion will give guests more reasons to go home with a big smile. Whether you’re hosting a party for kids or adults, a photo booth is always a good idea. You can have many unique props so guests can have loads of fun taking wacky pictures and creating beautiful memories. The best part of it all? When deciding to have a photo booth, you don’t often need a rental! With a bit of creativity and the right props and materials, you can have your Do-It-Yourself (DIY) photo booth.

To get started with setting up your DIY photo booth, here are five practical tips to help you begin;

1. Decide where to position your photo booth

If your event’s venue has ample space to accommodate a photo booth, you might want to choose an area that’s near enough to the main reception space. However, it would be best to ensure that it is out of sight for other guests so the people taking their pictures won’t feel too self-conscious with everyone watching them. Also, see to it that your guests can easily spot the booth, so they will be enticed to take pictures! A way to do so is to put up signs and arrows that lead to the photo booth area.

2. Choose a backdrop based on your event’s theme or style

Make your booth attention-grabbing by setting up a colourful background that matches your chosen theme or style! Here, your creativity comes into play – so don’t be afraid to think out of the box when decorating! Depending on your motif, you can use birthday balloon decorations, buntings, curtain tassels, and garlands to create an attractive background for your photo booth.

3. Add a sizeable DIY photo frame

A photo booth won’t be complete without a photo frame in the background or foreground. To create one, you will need an A2 or bigger foam board, a cardboard box, markers, paints, and decorations. To start making the photo frame, you can first place the cardboard box under the foam board to protect the surface underneath. Then, use the marker to mark out the hole in the middle of the frame. Afterwards, cut your desired shape. Lastly, you can decorate your frame with paint and décor pieces, such as fake flowers and smaller balloons.

4. Choose your photo booth camera

Once you’ve sorted out where to position your photo booth and how to decorate it, the next step is to choose the camera of your choice. In this step, it would be best to use a suitable quality device to ensure that the pictures your guests will be taking are crisp and clear. As such, you may consider a DSLR camera with an SD card that can store all the photographs. Alternatively, you can also use a Polaroid camera so your guests can print the pictures instantly.

5. Don’t forget the props and outfits!

The primary purpose of adding a photo booth to your party is to keep guests entertained and for them to keep photographs as keepsakes. Thus, it is best to go all out when it comes to choosing the props and outfits. At Funlah, we have a fantastic selection of fun photo booth props for various themes, including unicorns, champagnes, honey bees, taco fiestas, pirates, movie stars, weddings, engagements, dinosaurs, and more.


Photo booths can help crystallise beautiful moments with family and friends during special occasions. Moreover, they make every party more engaging. Besides, you don’t always need to spend much money on photo booth rentals since you can quickly go the DIY route.

For any party-related needs, Funlah has got you covered! We are a leading source of colourful balloons and party supplies, including photo booth props, birthday decorations, balloon bouquets, and more. Get in touch with us today to know more about our product offerings!