New Parents: How You Can Arrange The Perfect Baby Shower

New Parents - How You Can Arrange The Perfect Baby Shower

If you are about to become a parent, you’re probably filled with anticipation and exciting thoughts. Thoughts of your kid’s future, the things you’ll prepare, and of course, sharing the news of your newest arrival with your friends and loved ones.

In most cases, baby showers are small celebrations that are attended by the soon-to-be mom’s close friends and family members. Not needing to invite a lot of people means you don’t have to spend a lot of time and money in planning a large celebration, but if this is what you’re hoping to set up, know that there are still many details and minutia to consider if you want to have a memorable celebration. To help you out, here are some things to remember before you plan your baby shower:

Set the date

The last few months leading up to your due date will be quite busy. There’s bound to be a lot of appointments and check-ups, which is why it is best to set the date of your baby shower before your due date with plenty of time to spare. You wouldn’t want to be planning an event while nursing a newborn and while lacking sleep!

Send the date in advance, as most close friends would set aside that specific day to be there for you and your family, saving yourself the disappointment of their lack of availability should you have been late otherwise.

Choose a convenient location

When you think about a location that is convenient for your baby shower, the first place that comes to mind is probably your own home. Yes, an at-home baby shower comes with a couple of advantages, such as more privacy and kitchen freedom. But the preparation and packing up after can be inconvenient, especially with a baby in tow. 

Alternative places where you can host your baby shower include your favourite restaurant or an outdoor location. Although these can feel a bit less private, it’s also a bit more convenient because you get to have less preparation. You might also consider having dinner outdoors before moving back to your home to commence with celebrations. Indeed, options are varied, and the choice is yours to make.

Decide on the theme

While it’s totally unnecessary, having a theme can elevate your baby shower. Apart from making the vibes, aesthetics, and other elements more cohesive, a theme can also help narrow down your choices of balloons and other party accessories. 

Choose a theme that reflects your personality or your baby’s gender. If you’re quite fond of girly things and are expecting a baby girl, you can surely go with a pink and white princess motif. On the other hand, a blue and white astronaut will work if your baby is expected to be a boy.

Plan the food and drinks you’ll be serving

While baby showers are generally small celebrations, it would be a great idea to prepare small bites and drinks for your guests. Perhaps a choice of delectable cake pops or cupcakes that match the theme that you chose, or perhaps a dish or two that you and your partner can whip up. Whatever it may be, the food is something to keep the guests satiated as you sit around and catch up or share about your plans for the future with your newborn.


As exciting as planning a baby shower can be, it’s still just as important that you avoid tiring yourself because of your pregnancy. If it’s at all possible, ask your partner to help you plan things out, so you don’t tax yourself out too much. After all, you are new parents and need time off yourself too.

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